After a cataclysmic event, the world is left in shambles. One city remains as the only light in this dark world. Our heroes must venture forth to secure resources, information, technology, land, and more in order to ensure survival of this final bastion. Outside its walls lie arcane fiends, demons of destruction, and horrors that lurk in the far reaches beyond.

The world is in shambles and will take generations in order to return it to even a fraction of its former glory. Our heroes must head families and guilds to enact their plans, goals, or schemes for change. Power plays to wrest control of the city, covert operations to pull the strings behind the scenes, or even a unification of the city. The heroes must be sure their actions are in line with their greater goals – whatever those may be.

But with adventuring comes great danger… and even greater rewards. What becomes of the powerful items and artifacts our heroes wield from beyond the walls? Will they be added to a guild treasure hoard? Flaunted for all to see? Or blessed with your final breaths for your descendants to find? The legacy of ones forerunners courses through particular items – we refer to these as Legacy Items. Artifacts of immense power, able to grow and change with its user. And with each passing wielder its power only grows.

So tell me adventurer…What will be your Legacy?

The Duskfall